Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Computer Code dari NEA DataBank

Daftar Computer Code yang didapat dari NEA DataBank :
  1. WIMSD-5B.12 (NEA-1507/04) : Deterministic Multigroup Reactor Lattice Calculations - Tested, dipegang oleh PRSG
  2. QUARK (NEA-1600) : 2-Group 3-D Neutronic Kinetics Coupled to Core Thermalhydraulics, dipegang oleh PRSG
  3. COBRA-EN (NEA-1614) : Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores, 
  4. GRACE-2 (NESC0046) : Multigroup Multi-Region Gamma Attenuation Gamma Dose in Cylindrical or Spherical Geometry
  5. SABINE-3 (NEA-0402) : Neutron Penetration and Gamma Penetration in Reactor Shield for Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical Geometry
  6. DUST : Albedo Monte-Carlo Simulation of Neutron Streaming in Multilegged Square Concrete Ducts
  7. ZZ BUGLE-96 : BUGLE-96, Multigroup Coupled Neutron Gamma Cross-Section for LWR Shielding Calculation
  8. FONTA : Radiation Release in Atmosphere and Deposition in Human Organs
  9. THALES (NEA-0774/01) : Thermohydraulic LOCA Analysis of BWR and PWR
  10. ART MOD2 (NEA-1581/01) : Fission Product Migration in Primary System and Containment
  11. TRAC-PF1 (NESC0836/10, NESC0836/11) : Thermohydraulics, Reactor Kinetics, 2 Phase Flow LOCA Analysis
  12. RASCAL 3.03 (CCC-0553/05) : Radiological Doses from Accidental Release to Atmosphere
  13. FEMAXI-V (NEA-1080) : Thermal and Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods
  14. RODBURN (NEA-1620)
  15. GAPCON-THERMAL3 (NESC0770) : Fuel Rod Steady-State and Transient Thermal Behaviour, Stress Analysis
  16. ANSCLAD-1 (NEA-0470) : Creep Strain in Fuel Pin Zircaloy Clad During Temperature Transient
  17. THETA-1B (NESC0512) : Fuel Rod Temperature Distribution by 2-D Diffusion, Heat Transfer to Coolant, LWR LOCA
  18. IFPE database
  19. PIN99W (NEA-1612) : Modelling of VVER and PWR Fuel Rod Thermomechanical Behaviour
  20. SWIFT (NESC0973) : 3-D Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Decay Chain Transport in Geological Media
  21. RASCAL 3.0.3 (CCC-0553) : Radiological Doses from Accidental Release to Atmosphere
  22. NRCDOSE 2.3.2 (CCC-0684) : Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants
  23. INDOSE V2.1.1 (IAEA1378) : Internal Dosimetry Code Using Biokinetics Models
  24. PWR-GALE (NESC1081) : Radioactive Gaseous Release and Liquid Release from PWR
  25. ZZ-MCB63NEA.BOLIB (NEA-1655/01) : MCNP Cross Section Library Based on ENDF/B-VI Release 3
  26. ZZ-MCJEF22NEA.BOLIB (NEA-1616/04) : MCNP Cross Section Library Based on JEF-2.2
  27. IRRAS4.16 (EST0003/03) : Integrated Reliability and Risk Analysis System for PC
  28. PSAPACK-4.2 (IAEA1174/03) : Probabilistic Safety Analysis with Fault Event Trees
  29. PROSA-2 (NESC0778/02) : Accidents Probability Analysis Using Response Surface Method
  30. PRISIM (CCC-0574/01) : Plant Risk Status Information Management System
  31. RISKAP (CCC-0486/01) : Risk Assesment of Radiation Exposure for Population
  32. CRECT-J6 (NEA-0948/03) : Input Preparation of Evaluated Data in ENDF-4, ENDF-5 and ENDF-6 Formats
  33. IFPE/IFA-507-TF3-TF5 (NEA-1729) : Database for Transient Temperatur Experiment Ifa-507
  34. IFPA/IFA-429 (NEA-1546) : Fission Gas Release, Thermal Behaviour UO2 Fuel, Halden Reactor
  35. IFPE/HBEP REV.1 (NEA-1510) : Battelle's High Burn-Up Effects Programme for Fuel Performance
  36. IFPE/INTER-RAMP (NEA-1555) : Fast Power Ramps Failures of Unpressurised Fuel Rods
Bentuk fisik computer code ini belum pernah lihat, apakah tape magnetic, catridge, disket, CD-ROM, atau apa?

Link :
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
Manual V.S.O.P (99/05) Computer Code System

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